Client Testimonials

“In choosing a builder we all want quality and value. Some builders I interviewed appeared to present the aforementioned, but something was missing. I found out what that was when I met with Gilbert and Michelle to discuss my home.
I realized that in this being the largest investment most people make, I shouldn’t just contract a builder, but I would want to contract the builder’s whole team. I did with Gilbert Stroud. I got his entire staff, subcontractors and salespeople. Each of these people were directly involved with the construction of my home, and I could count on them. Gilbert and Michelle would visit my home several times a week to make sure the job ran smoothly and on time. To this day, nearly three years after moving in, I can still pick up the phone and get help with a problem that “I” have created.
I couldn’t have made a better choice than Stroud Custom Homes. I got the whole team.”

― Florian Kasprzycki

“My wife and I are presently (August 07) having a second house built by Stroud Custom Homes. For the first one, we compared several local builders before selecting Stroud Custom Homes. This time we just went to Gilbert and said, “get to work”. The positive experience we had the first time made it a “no brainer”. Gilbert and his staff are the easiest people to work with that we have ever experienced (and this is the fourth house we have built, so we have a good basis for comparison). His team of subs is the best and the quality of work is exceptional. Gilbert Stroud is as honest as the day is long, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. Michelle is a great “wielder of the whip” to keep things on schedule. A great team. Put them to work for you. You won’t be disappointed.”

―Harry Vreeland

“Stroud Custom Homes was recommended to us as the premier builder of custom homes in the entire New Bern area. When we decided to build on our property in Fairfield Harbour, I contacted Gilbert Stroud and asked if he could navigate us through the custom home process.
I provided Gilbert with plans, which we purchased from Architectural Design. His group was able to alter the design and build the exact home Mary and I envisioned. Gilbert also provided us with the names of bankers, lawyers and insurance people, all of whom were very competent and helpful throughout the entire process.
Stroud Custom Homes is comprised of extremely talented and knowledgeable people. Gilbert’s construction of our custom home was excellent, his price was fair, and most importantly, he brought the house in on his original cost estimate and time schedule. During the entire process, Gilbert and his staff made us feel more like family than just another client.”

―John and Mary Baldwin

“Bill and I had looked at houses all day all over New Bern. Late in the day, we looked at this house on Coral Reef Drive. The layout was exactly what we wanted, but what impressed us the most was the workmanship. We had seen houses that day that weren’t nearly as well built, but in the same price range.
After we made the decision to buy this house, we had our son-in-law (who is in construction), look it over. He gave it an A+. But the best part of our decision was working with Gilbert, Michelle and Steve. They are honest, fair and responsive to any of our questions or needs. After a year’s time, when all of our neighbors had extensive punch lists, we had very few items on our list, and all were insignificant. They were taken care of easily and efficiently. I would never build a house in this area with any other builder other than Gilbert Stroud. (And, no other house has the storage space! Everyone is so envious!) Thanks, guys!”

―Lynne and Bill Neilson